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Hope and Maria are no longer in this world. [NOT SURE HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS.]
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Now, and preferably with as little fluff as possible.
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So uh... Although this is gonna probably get me murdered by either a walking death machine or a big chested bat chick but!

I kinda maybe sort of lost Shadow? Uh, and he ditched his D-Comm too.
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... This is not amusing.

[*cough* Halloween event hit. There is a very grumpy BlackTailmon around uh... wherever it is Team Dark is.]
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-amnit my back.

You're the one who wants to make sure no one sees us coming back, sorry I can't think of a better way to carry you. Hell I'd think you'd have like, healing powers or some shit like that.

[hisses] Just shut up and get me back to the room and things will be fi--And stop messing with the D-comm.

R-right! Right sorry!


((ooc: italics are Astamon, and Shadow's replies will be "delayed" ICly.))
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Eight months, carry the three, hm... eight hours overall, no way.

Oi, Tamers! Gotta question for you all, nothing important or mind shattering or any shit like that.

But... How much do you weirdos sleep? And what are you, human? Not human? This'll help too.
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Unless the lot of you want to see what two of Eggman's robots can do to this world? I suggest some of you start locking any mentions of Metal Sonic from certain sets of eyes.

Before Omega decides to do something about it.
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I swear to whatever higher being exists I am going to kill those infernal robots if I see, or hear, them one more time.

Ring 005

Dec. 30th, 2008 12:43 am
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Well, that was pointless.

[Shadow pretty much spent from the 22nd till now uh... somewhere. Moping over the Ark Incident. And now he's home again, jiggy-jig~.]

Ring 004

Dec. 15th, 2008 12:27 am
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... Hn.

I'm to old for this crap.

Ring 003

Sep. 21st, 2008 04:08 pm
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Rouge, Sally and... Julie-Su?

Want to find out why I'm called the "Ultimate Lifeform" outside of combat?

Or get with a real man, instead of Sonic and the Echidna. ♥

Ring 002

Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:50 am
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While staying with Rouge is fine, much better then anything else...

The lack of sleep and soreness is unproductive.
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[the visuals are shakey, as if the person holding the D-comm is overly excited or something]

Hey! Hey Shadow lookit! I got it to start recording! [it finally seems to stop being blurry as a red and black form is in the frame now and he sighs]

Impmon... But! I wanna show everyone what an awesome Tamer I ended up with, Shadow! And that's you ♥!

[yeah, the face Shadow is making? yeaaah, as he grabs the D-comm, his white glove pretty much blocking the frame now]

We have more important things to do, now come o- [cuts out as the recording is stopped]

((CONFUSED? Wondering why Shadow has an Impmon instead of a DORUmon? Well, he's been shifted forward in canon, but it's not the same Shadow who was here before. Thus the need for a new digimon partner. And uhm... DORUmon became a bandit, that's what happened to him! Happy end!))
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I hate Flower Paradise.
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I'm back in Tetha.

And no, I did not get lost... Dorumon just ate all our supplies, another attempt at finding the Golden Continent will happen next week.
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I've wasted enough time here. I'm going to the Golden Continent, for any of you weirdos reading this.
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... Professor? Maria? Heck... That annoying brat Brutus?

... This isn't the ARK. And that, thing, isn't one of the Professor's creations.

((Shadow is now... like a few days old! FROM DURING THE LOVELY PRE-TRAUMA LIFE ON THE ARK. :D))
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((After seeing Slayerdramon's post. Note: Since the picture is fuzzy + Shadow's own fuzzy memories = lol, memory flashback.))

... [very quiet voice, it's Shadow's] I've seen someone like those men before.
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... Missed it. Oh well.

I have something important to work on anyways.


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