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He's the tower of power, admits no shame.

Untouched, crushed, will remain.

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Name:Shadow the Hedgehog
[Role play journal, this Shadow is SegaSonic canon compliant up to Sonic 06. The comic just makes for better icons. :3]

Interests (82):

alien genocide, amy rose, angel island, antimatter canon, ark, beating sonic, big the cat, biolizard, black arms, black comet, black doom, black volt, blaze the cat, blowing stuff up, chao, chaos, chaos blast, chaos control, chaos emeralds, chaos spear, charmy bee, cheese the chao, computers, cream the rabbit, doctor eggman, doctor robotnik, doom's eye, dr robotnik, dr. eggman, dr. robotnik, e-123 omega, e-series robots, earth's saviour, eggman, eggman empire, emerl, espio the chameleon, fighting dirty, g.u.n., gerald robotnik, gizoid, guardian unit of nations, gun, heavy artillery, immortality, ivo robotnik, knuckles the echidna, machines, maria, maria robotnik, master emerald, mephiles the dark, metal sonic, miles "tails" prower, miles tails prower, mocking sonic, motorcycles, planet earth, prison island, professor gerald, professor gerald robotnik, project shadow, rings, rouge the bat, rouge's boobs, self-preservation, shadow androids, shadow robots, shadow the hedgehog, sonic, sonic the hedgehog, space colony ark, speed, station square, tails, team dark, the ark, the black arms, the future, the ultimate life form, travel, vector the crocodile
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