ringsthatbind: (What are you looking at?)
[the visuals are shakey, as if the person holding the D-comm is overly excited or something]

Hey! Hey Shadow lookit! I got it to start recording! [it finally seems to stop being blurry as a red and black form is in the frame now and he sighs]

Impmon... But! I wanna show everyone what an awesome Tamer I ended up with, Shadow! And that's you ♥!

[yeah, the face Shadow is making? yeaaah, as he grabs the D-comm, his white glove pretty much blocking the frame now]

We have more important things to do, now come o- [cuts out as the recording is stopped]

((CONFUSED? Wondering why Shadow has an Impmon instead of a DORUmon? Well, he's been shifted forward in canon, but it's not the same Shadow who was here before. Thus the need for a new digimon partner. And uhm... DORUmon became a bandit, that's what happened to him! Happy end!))
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