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Feb. 7th, 2008 04:04 pm
ringsthatbind: (Seems Unreal)
Just... Who am I? I want to know who is that girl I keep seeing, so frightened, running, from what and why? I think she's dead, I saw her die.

i don't think anyone here can tell me who, or what, i am.


ringsthatbind: (On guard)
With the amount of Dokugumon on the main land, I'm glad myself and DORUmon aren't there. That and I honestly don't feel the need to go off fighting large spiders either.

Also... I find it only slightly unnerving that DORUmon hasn't said anything since I've met it, yet the other digimon here can speak.

Oh, and for the... FAQ giving trio, Washu, Kou and Ryo? I don't need it.

[strikes are visible to all and sundry.]
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